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Zoo animal of the year 2023

The "Zoological Society for the Protection of Species and Populations e.V. (ZGAP)" has chosen the Macaw as Zoo Animal of the Year 2023, because many Macaw species are on the verge of extinction. Responsible for this was the great demand for these attractive parrots and the destruction of their habitat from Mexico to Argentina. Also, the relatively low reproduction rate of these parrots has led to the disappearance of macaws in much of Central and South America.

The Bird Castle currently houses 126 macaws of various species. One striking feature is the large number of yellow-breasted macaws, which are particularly popular with visitors to the Vogelburg because they are very trusting or even hand-tame in the walk-in aviaries.


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The Vogelburg team has grown very fond of the lifelike paintings by Indonesian painter Nur IIham. His superb craftsmanship reflects his amazing power of observation and use of bright colours in his large-sized paintings showing the colourful world of parrots.

Paintings, watercolors, books, graphics, porcelain

Nur Ilham is an artist who loves parrots, is interested in the smallest details and creates incredibly realistic paintings of parrots in an individual and unique style.

Our gallery shows some of his paintings. You will find more of his numerous paintings at Vogelburg. Maybe you will even find a painting of your favourite parrot.

You can buy all paintings by Nur IIham at Vogelburg. We will soon introduce you to further artists and their works on this site.