Reasons for parrots in private homes:

Man considers the advantages that he has by keeping a parrot as a pet: he wants to have a partner he can talk to and caress whenever he feels like it.

A parrot is able to convey to man the feeling of mutual understanding because of its intelligence, docility, bond with man and ability to speak.

Thus a special, quite personal relationship between man and animal develops in which the animal wholly complies with the needs of the human being whereas man hardly ever fulfils the needs a bird has because these are almost completely unknown to him.

Problems of parrot-keeping

Usually private persons keep parrots in small cages and one bird only. Thus the bird is completely dependent on its owner and hardly able to move. The consequence is that such an animal feels lonely and suffers from boredom.

Since these beautiful and highly intelligent birds are able to make contact with their human partners and show signs of affection, man often draws the misleading conclusion that his way of keeping the parrot is appropriate and cannot be found fault with.

In the course of time the pet is neglected in one way or other which may lead to all sorts of behavioural disorder, for instance: picking out of feathers, self-mutilation, stereotypical movements, uncontrolled laying of eggs etc. to mention only a few. There is a wide range of behavioural disorders.

Furthermore, the way a parrot is kept changes several times in its life which may span 50 to 80 years. The bird is given from one owner to the next, is kept in a different cage surrounded by different people and is frequently confronted with indifference, lack of interest and the like. As a consequence the animal which requires a single partner and a permanent relationship will suffer from stress all the time.

In order to avoid psychic pain and degeneration a parrot needs affectionate treatment by its owner for up to eight hours each day if kept alone. This fact quite clearly shows us how difficult it is to really meet the requirements of such highly developed and intelligent creatures.

Parrots have got used to our climate because they have been bred for many generations in prison. Because of their private keeping they more and more assume the character of a normal pet used to a human being. This unnatural way of keeping parrots adds new needs to those innate in them. In addition to their longing for

  • belonging to a group
  • high humidity
  • sufficient space for climbing
  • a variety of food

they need a direct address and affection by and constant contact with a human being.

The latter needs of parrots are often fulfilled in private homes whereas the inborn and natural requirements can hardly be met which is not surprising because this is hard to realize in an average household.

Fortunately enough, more and more owners of parrots take these facts into consideration and are sensitive as to the way these animals live. Their living conditions are the basis for the aims of Vogelburg.

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