Many owners of parrots hand in their pets to Vogelburg for permanent accommodation. Some reasons why people acted in this way were:

  • because owners wanted to offer the bird better living conditions
  • because the owner's living conditions had changed
  • because keeping a bird was no longer possible due a family member suffering from an allergy

In order to find permanent accommodation for their pets in our institution, owners become members of members of VOGELBURG-CLUB. Thus the parrots find a place of refuge where they can find a suitable partner and perhaps even rear young ones of their own.
Of course the owners are welcome at Vogelburg and have the chance of seeing their pets as often as possible.

Bird's home

If living conditions of bird-owners should change temporarily or permanently they are given the possibility by Vogelburg to separate from their pets with the certainty that their birds will receive the best accommodation and care possible.

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