Vogelburg, a public park for birds in the midst of the reservation area "Hochtaunus" is a very special park. It owes its existence and permanent further development since 1981 to the initiative of a bird amateur who according to family tradition has been caring for parrots for decades already.
In the course of time this park has developed into homes for parrots which have been handed in for various reasons by their former owners.


Vogelburg is meant to arouse a consciousness of species-oriented housing and keeping of these highly sensitive birds among the numerous private owners of parrots. Vogelburg helps such people with all sorts of advice.

In addition Vogelburg enables parrots to experience - perhaps for the very first time - a sort of housing which complies with their specific needs because here they can find a suitable partner and the freedom of movement they require.

In the course of time Vogelburg has become more and more an asylum for parrots, a place of shelter and refuge in old age for these beautiful birds. Here they can lead a life of fulfilment to the end of their days, find a partner and rear young ones of their own.

Everybody who has handed in his bird has shown confidence in our institution and sustenance and has thus contributed to the kind of asylum for birds Die Vogelburg is today. This institution is sustained not only by the entrance fees of visitors but also by the monthly payment for those parrots which have been handed over to Die Vogelburg for either a certain amount of time or permanently.

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